Village Hall Committee

The village hall committee is a community of the parish council, it is made up of the following members:

Parish Councillors with voting rights:

Cllr. Alison Brown (Chairman)

Cllr. Martin Cripsey

Cllr. Sue Gould

Cllr. Dean James

Non Councillor co-opted members with voting rights:

Rosalie Angell

Lynne Hubbert

Richard Netherton

Tracey Netherton

Michelle Storey

Sally Wallis

Non Councillor co-opted members with non-voting rights:

Simon Brown

The committee has a terms of reference, to view a copy click Village Hall Committee Terms of Reference

The committee meet six times a year. Agenda and minutes can be viewed below.

April 2019

Agenda: 24th April 2019


March 2019

Agenda: 6th March 2019

Minutes: 6th March 2019