Half-muffled tolling/chiming of a single bell rang at Burstwick All Saints in honour of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandana or vest it means this dog needs space. It could be because they are:
• pup in training
• post-op
• nervous
• old & grumpy
• unwell
• in season
Find out more here: https://t.co/Wjxl2QRIhZ @YellowDogUK ribbons available

Concerned about dog fouling? Have you noticed a particular walker who doesn’t clean up. Contact the ERYC dog warden team on 01482 396318 to report any incidents so that they can look to enable patrols to be targeted effectively.


A local resident has found an undisclosed amount of cash on Main Street this afternoon/evening. If you have lost some money and would like to be put in touch with the finder, please send a DM.

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